Housing Policy for a Strong and Equitable City

DOWNLOAD PDF READ IN FULL SCREEN by Benjamin Dulchin, Moses Gates and Barika Williams

There is a widening equality gap at so many levels of our lives, but one many New Yorkers keenly feel and personally experience is the growing lack of affordable housing. Housing is almost always our biggest fixed expense. Conversely, affordable housing makes for strong, stable neighborhoods where people can commit to, and invest in, their community and themselves.

Fortunately, as great and intractable as the affordable housing challenge may seem, housing is one area where city government has and can continue to have an enormous impact. Areas where the next mayor has the most power and can have the greatest impact include the following aspects of an ambitious affordable housing agenda: equitable zoning with mandatory affordable housing; affordable housing development that stabilizes communities; strengthening New York City Housing Authority; and protecting single-family homeowners at risk of foreclosure. While the city needs to continue to build housing and revitalize neighborhoods, it must also maintain New York as a place people can afford to live.