Using Performance Management to Attain a Better New York City For All

DOWNLOAD PDF READ IN FULL SCREEN By Megan Golden and Liana Downey

Performance management is a critical tool for producing better public service outcomes for all New Yorkers. The city is justifiably viewed as a leader in performance management. Mayor Bloomberg has cultivated strengths in culture, reporting and accuracy during his tenure. This is hard-won ground that should not be lost with the change in leadership. The next mayor should pursue two broad priorities in order to continue the momentum: using clear outcome measures to drive government action and providing leadership to support performance management.

Improving New York City's performance management requires commitment and resources, and using data effectively to make decisions is not always straightforward. Being truly fact-based about the way the taxpayer dollars are invested requires leadership and commitment from the Mayor's office and throughout agencies. Good performance management, however, ensures the time, money, and effort city government invests is actually having a positive impact for all residents of NYC.